Web Development

We can create a you a professional, sleek and affordable website with all the expected features and quirks of today’s internet. Charging for what’s expected of a website just doesn’t seem right to us.

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Web Hosting

Secure, reliable and simple. We offer a range web hosting services to all without frills and unnecessary extras, we’ll ensure your site is online and even include FREE SSL* for all your domains!

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Security Safe

Ensure your server is safe from any exploits and vulnerabilities with Security Safe, our lightning fast exploit response service. We provide you peace of mind that your server is secure when an exploit arises.

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We’ll ensure your site doesn’t load at a snails pace. There are several well overlooked optimisation factors on today’s web, causing site load times to be in excess of 2 seconds and that’s just too long.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Make sure you’re one step, or result, ahead of your competition with our SEO service. We’ll provide all the necessary tasks to ensure your website is crawling to the top of the search results.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most popular ways to promote, with the opportunity to reach millions with the click of a button, our social media marketing services will get you noticed and drawing in customers.

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Why Choose PerfecSyntax?

We know there are a lot of companies competing within the web sector, we aim to stand out from these with our features:

  • No Sales People - all work is quoted and sold by developers
  • Daily Reports - all work is reported daily for you to look over
  • Client Area - see your project work live and provide feedback any time
  • 30 Day Support - on any aspect of your final product.

Our features are included regardless of job size and cost.

Need more convincing?

Portfolio Samples

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Quantum Reality


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